COVID-19 Updates

We are currently closed and made the difficult decision to move out of our beautiful space in the Smiley Building. We have some exciting plans in play and will be sharing updates soon! Click HERE to read more about our decision to move and future plans.


What is Cafe au Play?

For many parents, extended family is far away. The vision of Cafe au Play is community, friendship and peer support. Our mission is to provide a safe space for parents and youth to gather, share ideas, find friends and nurture healthy relationships. 


Cafe au Play services include: 

- Child-friendly playspace and lounge -

- Co-working space for parents with onsite childcare -

- Classes, playgroups and support for parents of young children -

- Evening cafe events for youth gatherings and "Date Night" -

- Prenatal Yoga, Breastfeeding Support and Parenting Skills -


Cafe au Play is a non-profit organization with fiscal sponsorship through the Community Foundation serving SW Colorado. The Durango Cafe au Play is located in the Smiley Building in downtown Durango off East 3rd Avenue (1309 E. 3rd. Ave.). We are on the second floor of the building, just walk up the stairs next to Smiley Cafe and take a right down the hallway to Room 201.


Our free baby meet-up for non-walkers is hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango on Thursday mornings at 2307 Columbine Drive.

Playspace and meet-ups

We currently host multiple meet-ups throughout the week and on Saturday mornings. We will continue to expand our activities as demand and space is available. See our calendar for an updated schedule. Please let us know how we can support you and your family!

Our playspace and meet-ups cost $5 per day per family for non-members. The Thursday baby group will always be FREE. This fee helps assist with space and material costs. 

NOW AVAILABLE: Punch Passes!

Need to get work done? Pay bills? Take a class in Smiley? Make calls or catch up with a friend?

We provide childcare Monday through Friday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Please register here to reserve your spot. All childcare is on a first come, first serve basis on the registration site, so sign up ASAP to reserve a space!

Parents MUST stay onsite at the Smiley Building AT ALL TIMES. 

Members have exclusive access to our monthly Date Night, learn more about being a Member!

Development Support

At times, being a child or parent is hard! Part of our mission is to support parents and children experiencing challenges.


Children and youth living with developmental delays or challenging health conditions such as autism, epilepsy or type 1 diabetes, may themselves benefit from peer support in addition to their parents. 


Contact us for more information!

Co-Working Space

We provide comfortable work space for parents while their children play with our trained staff. 


We offer a variety of activities for children and parents including:

- Parenting Classes (prenatal, lactation, nutrition, potty training, child behavior, sleep problems, etc.) -

- Arts and crafts -

- Story time -

- Music -

- Safety-

- Prenatal Yoga - 


Follow us on Facebook and check our calendar for the latest updates, and contact us for special requests!


Plan to visit often? We have memberships available with special perks, become a member today!

Click here to learn more about what it means to be a member!


Our Story.

Kelly Tregillus, one of the co-founders, moved to Durango from San Francisco in 2016 and was disappointed to see the lack of support and space in Durango to take her, then, 9 month old daughter to meet other moms or unwind in a child friendly cafe. She also worked from home and found the change to remote work a little isolating at times, prompting her to work from coffeeshops several days a week for a change of pace. 
Not prepared to move to Durango, Kelly's daughter was not on any childcare lists, therefore, she had to patch together a nanny, mother in law and a 2 day per week childcare center to continue working. If any of those options weren't available, she had to try to work (distracted!!) and attempt to poorly supervise her daughter. That and the isolation from other parents and families lead to the concept of Durango Cafe au Play.
Liza Tregillus, the other co-founder is a mother of four, now adult, children. After moving to Durango from Chicago with her two oldest boys, then 5 and 1 years old, she missed the family daycare co-op she had led in the city. Liza quickly found her niche at the Mother's Center of Durango (now called The Family Centers Coalition) and experienced first hand how a sense of community can enhance a family's ability to thrive in Durango.
The Problem...

New and expecting parents in La Plata county have limited convenient local resources or spaces to take classes, meet new friends and have assistance with childcare. There is a lack of support for families of young children and most cafes are not family friendly, not to mention there is a shortage of easily accessible, reliable, affordable, quality childcare options.

Our ideal space will provide not just an engaging play space, but also a drop-in childcare option for children while the parent remains onsite. We provide desk space for parents or caregivers to work, check emails, make calls, etc. in a separate area from their children while they are supervised by a trained and experienced staff member. Space is also allocated for various meetups and classes, rental space for classes/groups/parties, and an option for an occasional date night.

Meet our founding team, Kelly and Liza!









Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Fort Lewis Alum with a background in business development, account management and sales. She works remotely at home for a company based in San Francisco, California. Kelly is a Board Member and acting in an advisory role to the Cafe along with volunteering her time to help with cafe operations.









Meet Liza!

Liza, MSW, is a local Parent/Youth Coach and Play Therapist. Liza was previously the Director at the Family Centers Coalition of Durango where many parents were involved as peer leaders for play groups, parenting classes and other activities.


Liza has over 30 years of experience in health and human services and is responsible for developing the Durango Cafe au Play space and group calendar. Liza will offer training to volunteer parents interested in leading groups and coordinates cafe activities. She is also available for community resource and referral information.


In addition, Liza coordinates a peer mentor project for youth living with challenging health conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, autism, TBI, depression, etc). Liza leads peer support groups for their parents as well as coordinating teens and young adults that mentor others. Her passion is peer support, and she is excited that the Cafe au Play space is an incubator for connection. The cafe hosts parents of young children during the day, and older youth activities in the evenings. 

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